Mamacita's Salsa Asada
Creator of Mamacita's Salsa Asada
Mexico has a rich history of culture and cooking. Mamacitas Salsa Asada is the product of this rich cultures influence.

I was born in Mexico City and grew up in a busy household with two older brothers and a much younger sister. Because I was the oldest daughter, I was taught to take care of them. This was something that always came easy to me as I was born with a great maternal instinct.

At age 19, I was married, unfortunately my marriage only lasted 10 years. We have two beautiful, amazing children. Ciramely Viviana age 25 and Felix Antonio age 20. They are the engines that keep me going.

I have found someone I want to spend the rest of my life with; he’s not only my best friend but the love of my life.

My Abuela

My Abuela (Mamicha) and her sister (My Nina) were great role models to me. They were extremely independent and strong women.

My Abuela was known for her amazing SAZON (it means that little something you add to the food to make it taste great.) She was not only strong, but also had extremely high standards. I remember going to her house to spend the weekend and I would watch her cook the most amazing and simple meals. I always wished I could cook like her.
Mamasita's Abeula

The Apron

My Abuela's Apron was not only used to protect her clothes from getting dirty, for me it represented so much more!

She used it to wipe her tears and sweat from working so hard, and as a basket to carry legumes in the kitchen. She would also pick figs from her fig tree in the back yard.

Her Apron would always be absolutely clean and perfectly starched and ironed and it would always have the best scent. Abuela’s Apron became a statement to me.
Mamacita's Salsa Asada Apron Large

My Parents

Mamacitas Salsa Asada Parents
When I was sixteen years old, my parents moved us from Mexico City to to Chula Vista, CA. I didn’t know any English when I started High School and at 16 this was a tough time regardless.

My Mama's beauty was remarkable. She went from being a successful accountant for one of the biggest banks in Mexico City, to being known as Rosa the House Cleaner in the United States.

My Papa was where I got my personality and good sense of humor. He went from working in the world’s second biggest airport in the world to mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms at a well-known chain store.

I was able to realize the sacrifice my parents made when they moved us to the States. We went from having it all to having very little. They wanted to give us a better opportunity in life and a brighter future for their kids and their future generations to come!

Love and Compassion for Cooking

I have always enjoyed the cooking. Preparing food is my way of showing LOVE to others. The recipe, process of making and ingredients in Mamacita’s Salsa Asada were all inspired by my Abuela and Mama. This is a way to honor both of their memories.

Both My Abuela and Mama taught me to do things right with Love and Passion or not to do them at all. I dedicate hard work to not only Mamicha and Nina, but also my parents. I miss you all everyday.

From the heart!
Mamacitas Salsa Asada Roasting
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